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[o25] mass effect 3 icons (for 20inspirations)

Oh boy. Oooh boooy.
These were a pain to make, mainly because I've never really made video game icons before. (I still don't know why I thought it was a good idea to sign up with this claim in the first place. What the hell, brain?)
Most of these were made in the last few days because I was late, as always, and unfortunately you can tell that they're pretty rushed. >:(
I wanted to include a lot more characters (like the krogans!) but finding iconnable caps got increasingly difficult, so this post is a pretty poor representation of my character bias. Boo.
A big thank you and a sorry goes out to eotheod and margerydaw_s2 for letting me whine at them throughout and an especially big thank you to deternot for enduring the majority of said whining and playing the game with me in the first place (and never once laughing whenever I got myself killed).
(Really though, who would have thought that I'd spend 30 minutes of my time drawing a space tooth brush some day.)

centre crop > centre crop/shadows > shadows/solid background > solid background/quote >quote/text
[01 - 05]

text/citadel dlc > citadel dlc/scenery > scenery/two characters > two characters/from behind > from behind/purple
[06 - 10]

purple/eyeless > eyeless/grunge > grunge/ME2 squad mate > ME2 squad mate/muted > muted/profile
[11 - 15]

profile/dark > dark/dead character > dead character/female character > female character/quarian&geth conflict > quarian&geth conflict
[16 - 20]

+5 alt

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